Time for a bathroom renovation?

Need to redo the bits of your bathroom that are looking a little bit tired? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick look at the top bathroom renovation trends for 2016.

Layout and space

Bathroom renovation trends in 2016 are all about maximising space while retaining functionality. Designers are working with the size and fittings of bathrooms to ensure they can create open, modern layouts that suit all families and homeowners. Freestanding baths have climbed up the trends list for those with the space to make them work, as have double headed showers, and clean, streamlined designs.

Fittings and fixtures: coppers and matte blacks

Updating the little bits of hardware in your bathrooms may not seem like a huge step – but it can make an incredible difference to the overall look and feel of the space. It’s a great way to add style or focal points to a room without spending huge amounts of money on a full revamp. Coppers, matte blacks and modern metallics are all on trend in 2016 for bathroom fittings and fixtures. From taps to shower hardware, to doorknobs and light fixtures – they can all be chopped and changed to suit your chosen decor. Try out a warm copper colour or strong matte black against a white bathroom for a striking look.

Tiling: polished concrete and geometric tiles

Getting rid of your cracked old tiles and laying down a brand new shiny floor can do wonders for a tired bathroom. For those on a budget, it’s a great way to spruce up your bathroom when you can’t afford to renovate the entire room at once. This year, floors are reflecting walls – the concrete look is in. Designers are combining a rustic masonry aesthetic with all the elements of a residential bathroom to create an edgy look. Geometric tiles are also on the agenda, allowing designers and homeowners to get creative.

Timber and wood textures

Don’t forget about the cupboards, drawers, vanity and cabinets. If you are revamping or doing a complete bathroom renovation, you’ll be wanting to replace your old furniture and textural additions to add some colour and a modern touch to your bathroom. Timber and wooden textures are trending in the world of bathroom designers right now – whether it be real wood for your cabinets or a wood look for your tiles. Wooden textures can add warmth and style to your bathroom.

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