With the right design, your kitchen can be stylish and functional

“I love my tired, out dated kitchen” said no one ever. Say goodbye to obsolete appliances and badly designed space once and for all.  Talk to the experts at Camorino Design and Renovations and find out how you can have a kitchen that is practical, ergonomic and designed with you and your family’s lifestyle in mind.

Be stylish

Work out and understand your style… it’s important. After all, the kitchen is the centre of the home and you probably spend a good part of your day in it. Not only should your kitchen look amazing, it must be functional and the layout should work efficiently. Make sure the fridge is accessible, the dishwasher doesn’t block any pathways and you have ample bench space and storage. Most importantly, insist on a custom designed and manufactured kitchen to ensure everything fits perfectly and space is maximised.

Be practical

While we all like to look at the kitchens featured in magazines and dream, if you have a family it’s worth asking yourself “how would that design work for us?” Because your kitchen renovation is likely to be a 20-year investment, choosing materials that are durable makes good sense.  These days you don’t have to sacrifice style to get a product which suits the needs of you and your family. The key is in the planning!

Don’t forget your appliances

If you’re investing in a new kitchen, chances are it’s time to invest in new appliances. This can consume a significant part of your renovation budget, so again it’s good to be practical and identify the “must haves” rather than gadgets.  Be discerning and choose reputable brands that are supported in Perth, so if they need to be serviced you don’t have to wait for weeks on parts to be supplied from interstate or overseas. Kitchen appliances are in daily use, so purchasing an extended warranty is relatively inexpensive and will provide peace of mind.

Don’t work in the dark

Shadows can make lighting a kitchen difficult. To eliminate shadows and make it easy to see what you’re doing, locate light fittings so light falls in front of you rather than behind.  Sometimes overhead lighting is not sufficient, so installing LED lights in your cabinetry brightens up your bench space.

Storage makes the space work

Drawers are efficient and can hold up to 30% more items than shelves. They’re also kinder on your back as you don’t have to crouch down to locate items. Hidden drawers, pull out pantries, and pull out corner solutions are a great long-term investment and will make your kitchen easier to use. Kitchens generate waste, so utilise the space under the sink for pull out bins.

Speak to the experts

Camorino Design and Renovations are registered builders with their own in-house design team.  With Camorino you deal directly with the people who do the work. Our commitment is to look after you throughout the process – from beginning to end. Call 0481 063 900 today to discover the Camorino difference.