For this single storey home extension Camorino took care of all the drafting as well engineering and council approvals. We turned this house from a 3×1 into a 4×2 plus additional laundry in under 3 months. Scroll down to see before and progress shots of the build.

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Sleepout area before demolition and asbestos removal.

Another view of the area before demolition and asbestos removal.

Progress during demolition and temp marking of setout for new concrete slab

Walls and lintels progress during build

Roof carpentry in progress

CSR Aquachek & Cornice to the Alfresco. Once it’s painted it looks a lot better than the usual cement sheeting with Joiner strips.

Windows in and roof tiles on. We used 2nd hand tiles on this one as the whole roof including the existing will be sprayed new. When doing an extension and blending the old with the new its important to match the tile profile as painting can always clean it up but if the profile doesn’t match then it won’t blend in with the existing roof.