There are two rooms in every house that really benefit from clever design, and a well-appointed kitchen or bathroom can add thousands to the value of your existing home.  Plus a clever renovation will give you all of your ‘must-haves’ without the upheaval and expense of moving.  Now is the perfect time to make your renovation plans a reality.


A beautiful but functional kitchen is a joy to behold but more than that, it’s a joy to work in. Whether you’re preparing a dinner for two or a feast for the extended family or friends, it’s much easier in a properly planned and well-designed kitchen.

Some things are timeless

Whether your dream kitchen style is the cottage, traditional, or state of the art, white (or off-white) doors are always in vogue.  Cabinets in shades of white create a light and clean look and are durable and versatile, and really open up a space.

Intelligent fixtures

Things have come a long way since the 80’s.Storage options are now plentiful and every bit of space can be utilised with pull-out storage trays or tailored saucepans and baking compartments. Cabinets now have hidden features with concealed spaces for recycling and waste bins and cupboard space is maximised with racks for canned and dry goods. Specialised drawer inserts for dishes or cutlery help to create a clutter-free kitchen.

Utilising previously unused space

Installing precision floor-to-ceiling cabinets provides additional storage for everyday equipment but also the things you only use once or twice a year. Concealing the fridge behind matching cabinet doors provides uniformity of style and clean lines.

An elegant pop of colour adds style

Use a bold colour in a small area for high-impact.  A pop of colour on open shelving or bold paint adds contrast and individuality and because it’s not an integral part of your kitchen you can change things when the mood takes you without spending a fortune.

Step into the bathroom of your dreams

Whether your preference is for a traditional bathroom or perhaps the resort style, minimal or wide open spaces, we can create the bathroom that’s perfect for you.

Shower or tub

Until just a few years ago, bathroom floor plans were defined by combination bath and showers and who can forget the horror of old fashioned Roman Baths which were neither comfortable, water-wise or practical!

Today the trend is for stand-alone walk in showers with glass screens.  They look elegant, take up much less room than you may imagine, plus they’re super easy to clean and maintain which is important in a family bathroom.


Bathtubs have received a makeover with newer, freestanding tubs becoming popular.  They take up less space and can make a strong visual statement in the room.  Combine this with a double shower and two sink vanity and getting ready for work or unwinding at the end of the day just got a whole lot easier.


With any renovation, the only thing that should not be compromised in the kitchen or bathrooms is craftsmanship.  At Camorino Design and Renovations, we believe having a precision installation by experienced craftsmen is a sound investment.  Our Perth based, in-house design team will take your vision and craft it into a reality. We work with you from start to finish so that your renovation is delivered on time, on budget and is something you will love for a lifetime.