Does your kitchen need a makeover?

Looking to fix it up and give it a modern feel to enhance your home’s value? Many homeowners choose to buy a property and then renovate the key areas – like the kitchen – to customise the room to their needs and potentially increase the overall value. Embrace smart kitchen remodelling and take a look at our top four ingredients for a great renovation.

Bespoke design

The biggest ingredient in achieving an amazing kitchen renovation is sourcing an excellent custom design from experienced, professional and local kitchen designers. Rather than choosing a package or allowing a company to take the reins, find a designer that will work closely with you to discuss and develop your needs. A personalised, bespoke design is key: whether you want to customise every element of your kitchen, or you have a few key ideas in mind that you want to incorporate.

Modern cabinets

Free standing cabinets and islands are a definitive trend this year, with many home owners favouring separate work stations and storage cabinets. Alongside freestanding cabinets, drawers and cupboards without handles are still gaining traction – with either grooved pull points or push to pull mechanisms installed to give the cabinets a sleek look. For those who prefer built in cabinetry, both wooden and stainless steel designs are trending, with a focus on functionality and bold or matte finishes. No matter what kind of modern cabinetry you prefer, as long as you work with a custom designer, you’ll achieve the perfect aesthetic for your new kitchen.

Bright Colours

Bold colour palettes are big draw points in the kitchen renovation world this year. Whether it’s incorporating big bright colours in your cabinetry or appliances, or simply adding a few feature colour additions on your drawer handles or kitchen island, you can’t go wrong. Primary colours like red, blue, green and everything in between are all on the designer menu right now, with pastels and more subtle shades still making big appearances and favoured by many home owners.

Appliances fixtures

Many homeowners are choosing to incorporate appliances in their renovations or new kitchens. From built-in coffee machines to interactive cooktops, the opportunities to include new technologies to make things easier and smarter in the kitchen are endless. Gone are the days of just choosing the best oven and stovetop for your kitchen reno – now you can install a fridge with an in-built television, cabinets with charging stations and wireless points, or for those who want to go all out: benchtops with touch screens.

Camorino Design and Renovation know kitchen renovations. We are Perth’s experts in custom, bespoke kitchen designs and offer a full redesign and construction service. We don’t just install cabinets and appliances – we remodel your entire space according to your personal preferences. We collaborate with you every step of the way, and are trusted by customers across Perth. Get in touch today to take the first step towards your brand new kitchen.