Camorino constructions are perth builders that specialise in second storey home additions and house extensions in perth. As builders and designers we are with you each step of the way. The following are general steps involved in a home extension:


A home extension requires a lot of detailed planning, communication and project management to make sure that the extension is completed on time & within budget and most importantly achieves the outcome that you’re after from a design and functional prespective.


Building consultation: camorino will meet with you personally at your property for a free building consultation, to discuss your needs and ideas for the home build and to inspect the property.


Building plan: a building plan is a crucial part in the planning and development of your home extension. This allows everyone involved in the building phase to know the detailed planning of what they need to complete in order to successfully deliver the finished product.

If you do not yet have any building plans drawn up camorino offer a full drafting service as well as a complete architectural process to if you do have your building plans already developed we can assess them with you and give you a site appraisal and then a quote.


If you decide to proceed then we can move to contract signing and then onto Council approvals. The first step is usually  – development application. From submission of plans to approval can take up to 3 months with the council. During this stage you will select all final finishes and any other pre start variations will be costed. Once da has been approved we will then certify your plans (certificate of design compliance) and complete an energy efficiency report, these are the last requirements before we can submit for building permit (bl).once all documents are in place we will then submit all documents to council for your building permit, from submission it will take 10 working days for approval. Sometime DA is not required and we can go straight to building permit.


At completion of the council approval stage we can now proceed with what we do best, build your dream home!

If you have a need for a House extensions in Perth then call us now!