Renovation FAQs

We are Perth’s premier custom renovators. As registered builders Camorino have all the experience and technical know-how to deliver an efficient and reliable service with absolute┬áprecision.

The simple answer is that Home indemnity insurance is required for any building work contract valued over $20’000. Only registered builders are eligible for indemnity insurance. If the contract value is under $20’000 then a registered builder is not required.


The Home building Contracts Act 1991 states quite clearly that it is compulsory for all home building work except associated work alone (e.g. swimming pools, carports, pergolas and landscaping), the cost of which is above $20,000, to be covered by home indemnity insurance.


Home indemnity insurance is also compulsory for associated work if that work is performed

under a contract that includes construction or renovation of a residence and the total cost of all

the building work is above $20 000.


Before commencing work or demanding any payment (including a deposit) from you, the builder

must take out home indemnity insurance and give you a certificate confirming the existence of

the insurance cover. For more information see