Double glazed windows are the perfect choice  for those looking to build and energy efficient home. They also have the added benefit of minimising noise and when you combine reinforced insulated concrete walls to the mix you have the ultimate in home design for strength, thermal and acoustic comfort . Camorino Constructions are Perth Builders who specialise in homes built with ICF (insulated concrete walls) and double glazed windows.

With double glazing the sealed air gap between the two panes acts as an added layer of insulation. This added thermal resistance reduces the amount of heat escaping in winter and keeps your home at a more comfortable temperature and effectively reduces your energy bill. Double glazing has the reverse effect in summer, preventing unwanted heat from coming into the home. This extra insulation lessens your reliance on artificial heaters and air conditioners and can ultimately reduce your energy costs. Combined with ICF walls the choice really is a no-brainer.

When you are close to a window, your comfort is also affected by the temperature of the glass. With double glazing it’s harder for the unwanted outside temperature to transfer through, leaving the inside pane close to room temperature. Double glazing also reduces condensation which can result in the unhealthy formation of mould.

Sealed double glazing is effective at reducing medium to high frequency noise such as the human voice. A difference in glass thickness between the inner and outer panes will improve sound reduction even further.

Double glazed windows are considered a safer option when compared to standard single pane windows. Two sheets of glass are a lot harder to break than one and for even greater security you can specify toughened or laminated glass.