Creating a living space outdoors is simpler than you think.  Reconfiguring a boring patio or styling that unused deck can dramatically increase your living and entertaining space. Including clever design elements will turn any outdoor area into your own private getaway.

A climate made for outdoor living 

erth is one of the sunniest capital cities in the world; our long hot summers and balmy summer nights make installing an alfresco kitchen or outdoor living area a very good investment.  Here are some of our favourite ideas to maximise the space you have.

Outdoor kitchen

Whether you’re catering for guests at a party or simply cooking dinner for the family, on a hot summer night the last place you want to be is slaving over a stove in a hot kitchen.  A gas fired barbeque is a great idea, but even more practical if it’s set into a bench top.  Add a pizza oven and include some preparation space and a sink nearby and you’re set for summer.

Outdoor furniture

The type of outdoor furniture that will work best for your alfresco area is usually governed by whether you’re furnishing a covered or open space.  Either way, outdoor furniture should be weather friendly and able to cope with UV rays and damp in the cooler months. Fabrics should always be mildew – and mould-resistant.

Plants can create a cool atmosphere and make your alfresco solar passive

It’s important to work out the direction of the afternoon sun and arrange your space so that it is shaded at the hottest time of the day.  Sun sails look great and work well, but can be expensive. Creating a self watering vertical garden will offer shade when it’s needed and the soft foliage of plants is very restful and it can also work as a natural wind break.  Plant your verti-garden with a mixture of dual purpose herbs used for cooking and repelling insects.  Choose Mint, Basil, Lavender. Rosemary, Lemon thyme. Lemon grass, even some types of Nasturtiums, Marigolds or Pansy’s for edible flowers.

Music and lighting can create many different moods

If your alfresco is a place you go to relax and unwind after a long day then use subdued lighting with a dimmer switch.  Grouping beautiful Turkish lamps and hanging them at different levels creates an exotic design element which you can mix with a rug, colourful throws and cushions to create an elegant retreat. The trickle of water from a fountain is peaceful and cools the air.  Add a Bluetooth speaker for music to match your mood, a reading lamp, a good book and a glass of iced tea or wine…

We do get winter in Perth

Even though Perth is famous for its long hot summers, we also have short mild winters, and it can get chilly in the evening.  Adding a Chimenea or Fire Pit can transform the area by adding warmth and that uniquely appealing open fire ambience.

Your trusted renovation partner

With any renovation, it’s important to get the best advice and to use experienced tradespeople.  At Camorino Design and Renovations, we believe having a precision installation by experienced craftsmen is a sound investment.

Camorino’s Perth based, in-house design team will take your vision and craft it into a reality. We work with you from the start to finish building you an alfresco you will love for a lifetime.