Why build with ICF (Insulated concrete forms)?

At Camorino we often get asked this question. A report conducted in 2009 compared the thermal efficiency of a Formcraft ICF construction compared to a Double Brick, Brick Veneer and a Framed House construction. A Home Energy Rating was conducted on a single storey dwelling modelled with 3 comparisons;

  • Formcraft ICF compared to Double Brick Construction;

  • Formcraft ICF compared to Brick Veneer Construction, and;

  • Formcraft ICF compared to Framed Construction.

The Home Energy Rating was carried out in accordance with ABCB Protocol for House Energy Rating Software. The dwelling was modelled in 11 Cities, representing a range of Australian Climates, namely; Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Carnarvon and Albany. The single storey dwelling assessed has a 290 m2 floor area with 4 bedrooms, 2 Bathroom and a double garage. The results show that, in the selected climate zones around Australia, Formcraft’s ICF construction system achieves a higher thermal resistance. Demonstrating lower energy requirements for heating & cooling compared to houses built using Double Brick, Brick Veneer & standard Frame. The most significant reduction observed is in the lower heating requirements needed to keep the Formcraft ICF dwelling comfortable in winter.

Furthermore the high energy and bushfire ratings, higher strength due to the 100-200mm concrete steel reinforced  walls and ease of construction are the main reasons for us to choose ICF over a double brick system. ICF walls give the building all the benefits that steel reinforced concrete can offer: termite resistance, fire resistance, strength, durability, sound and a higher thermal rating all without the need for any mortar or disruptive expansion joints as well as  Superior concrete strength curing inside insulated panels

Camorino Constructions  are a Perth new home builder that specialises in ICF wall construction. All our home designs are built with ICF walls. Also alterations & additions  and any of our Perth custom homes can also be designed to use ICF walls.