A superb bathroom renovation – it’s yours for the asking

Times have changed and so have the floor plans of many Western Australian homes. In an effort to maximise living space or squeeze in that extra bedroom, bathrooms have become, quite literally, the smallest room in the house. Thankfully, the in-house designers at Camorino Design and Renovation have come up with some resourceful ways to create the illusion of space in your bathroom.

Create more floor space

Our favourite way to create the illusion of space and free up the floor area is to remove freestanding fixtures. Mount the toilet or vanity unit onto a wall and incorporate an in-wall cistern to create a sleek and uncluttered look.

Let in the light

Sunny, well-lit rooms feel airy and spacious. Flood your room with natural light by installing a skylight, or consider enlarging the existing window. We recommend LED lighting solutions for bathrooms where no natural light is available.

Trick the eye with optical illusions

Using tiles to create an illusion of space is a great design feature. Tiling the wall horizontally makes the room seem wider, laying them vertically makes the ceiling feel higher. Running a line of vertical feature tiles in the shower creates the same illusion.

Mirrors magnify

There’s no doubt mirrors are the most effective way to add light and the feeling of space to any bathroom. Place a mirror opposite a door or window to create the look of infinity and if you want a real wow factor, try adding a mirror to an entire wall.

Choose accessories wisely

Create an uncluttered look by organising your space.  Choose a floor to ceiling heated rail to maximise the vertical height available in the bathroom. There’s nothing more comforting than a warm fluffy towel in winter.

Natural elements

White can make a bathroom feel bigger, the downside is that it can also appear cold and clinical. Try adding textured tiles and subtle accent colours such as greys or ash and your bathroom will be right on trend. It’s easy to change the look of a white bathroom by adding seasonal accent colour and accessories.


If you’re aiming for a seamless transition from floor to wall, matching the grout to the tile colour will make the lines practically disappear and creates the illusion of a solid block of colour.

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