What do you do when your tired old bathroom needs an update?

The answer is set a budget, do some research and then talk to the experts. Because Camorino Designs and Renovations are Registered Builders, they have all the experience and technical know-how to create a bathroom that is built with absolute precision for exquisite results.

Nothing lasts forever and it’s time for that old bathroom to go!

If you’re renovating an older property, the good news is your old bathroom is probably spacious, the downside is it may be badly planned with little or no storage because it’s full of clumsy old-fashioned fixtures and fittings that are hard to maintain and well past their best.

Working with a company who have earned a reputation for knowing all the tricks of the trade, your dingy old bathroom can be transformed into a functional and beautiful room that will look good for years to come.

Your New Bathroom – Built to Reflect Your Lifestyle

Who will use the new bathroom?

For example, is it is going to be a private retreat for one person or a couple, or a shared family bathroom? Once you have established who will use the space, you will have a better idea about how much storage is required, whether a heated towel rail is needed, and if you’ll need a bath tub or double shower and double vanity.

Pick your style

Be inspired, bathroom renovations come in all shapes and styles so whether you’re wanting a classic, minimalist, natural or even organic look and feel, there’s a myriad of options to suit you. Think of the practicalities, and plan ahead to ensure your future needs are catered for.

Light and airy is always in vogue

There’s nothing better than a well-lit and ventilated bathroom. Consider if the existing windows can be retained or replaced, or if it’s a naturally dark space a skylight is a great solution. A window that can open and an extractor fan will keep mould away and your bathroom looking good for years to come.

Tiles and cabinetry and lights

If you have room, ditch the old fashioned medicine cabinet and replace it with a niche in the shower or inset a cabinet into the wall. Floor to ceiling tiles are easy on the eye as they flow seamlessly and strategically placed mirrors to create an illusion of space. Use features sparingly, keep the bathroom fresh by changing the look and feel with accessories.

The practicalities

Always bring tile and paint samples into the room so you can see how they work with the light in the room and plan for specialised lighting or smart technology at the beginning.


With any renovation, craftsmanship should never be compromised. At Camorino Design and Renovations, we believe having a precision installation by experienced craftsmen is always a sound investment. Our Perth based, in-house design team will take your vision and craft it into a reality.

We work with you from the start to finish so that your new bathroom is delivered on time, on budget and is something you will love for a lifetime.