So… you’ve decided it’s time to update that tired old bathroom

What could be better than an attractive yet functional space that meets the needs of your family?  A new bathroom is a significant investment which is why guidance and advice from the people who know, pays dividends. Here are top tips from Camorino Design and Renovations, Perth’s favourite bathroom renovators.

First things first

Number One – work with your builder and designer to create a budget and comprehensive plan. This helps to establish the style you want, set parameters for your design and stay on track financially so the end result is one you’ll love.

A facelift can save you money

Small changes can transform your bathroom from glum to glam. Updating fixtures and fittings is sometimes enough to give your bathroom a new lease of life. Adding a new vanity and sink, updating your shower fittings, installing a frameless glass screen and new lighting can freshen up your bathroom and give it a contemporary and new look.

Old tiles and broken fittings mean it’s time for a full makeover?

When the changes needed to meet your family’s requirements are more than cosmetic, it’s time to bring in the big guns. Taking the bathroom back to its bare bones opens up all sorts of possibilities and design options. Demolition lets you reconfigure the space to accommodate a larger shower, add a bath or double vanity and even open up a window to create better ventilation and natural light. This is no job for an amateur or handyman and when it comes to structural alterations a registered builder is required. This is why it makes sense to speak to Camorino’s in house design team, the experts in kitchen and bathroom renovations in WA.

When it comes to plumbing costs, function follows form

With any bathroom renovation, plumbing can be the most expensive component. If you’re just planning a facelift, it’s worth investigating if the existing plumbing is in sound condition, properly located and can be retained.

For a major overhaul when complete demolition is required, new plumbing is necessary and is a good long term investment.

The humble tub is having a renaissance of popularity especially for those wishing to achieve a resort or spa look in their new bathroom.

If you’re thinking of installing a bath (especially upstairs) it’s essential to ask your builder to make sure the floor is structurally sound and capable of bearing the weight of the bath. Remember the weight of a bath filled with water and a person is considerable.

Design dilemmas

Choosing the right colour palette for your makeover is crucial and there are two (quite opposite) schools of thought.

  1. Be bold, choose colours that you love, because if you love it now you’re likely to still love it later.

  2. Select neutral tones for tiling, vanities, sinks, bath etc. and introduce accents of colour with towels and accessories.

The primary consideration is how long you plan to live in the house. If this is your forever home, indulge yourself and choose what pleases you. If you’re planning to move in a year or so, you may want to consider the resale value and play it safe.

Whichever option you choose, partnering with a bathroom renovator who has earned a reputation for quality will give you peace of mind.

Call Camorino Design and Renovations today, we’re here to take the worry out of renovations.